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Product design

Present in all sectors

Enaiden has the ability to develop product for various sectors, both industrial and consumer goods.

Creativity + functionality + cost savings

We start from the idea of our customers, explicit form or creating new product concepts, developing them always in close collaboration with our customers.

In this phase combines creativity with the functional requirements, aesthetic and market. t was also resolved the constraints that the design can be generated in the following stages of development, prototyping and industrialization.

Combine the creativity of the industrial design with our engineering capabilities and knowledge of the production processes, makes our designs are optimized for addressing the following phases of product development by reducing development time and getting a high quality product.

Design as a differentiation factor

In coordination and constant contact with our customers, we incorporate designs to the aesthetic elements that comply with both the identity, philosophy and needs of the enterprise as well as with the trends of the market becoming the design of the product in an element of choice for end users.


The specific services that are offered in this phase are the following:

  • Creation and design of product concept.
  • 3D Design (CAD).
  • Generation of surfaces in 3D style.
  • Product Photorealistic renderings.