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The Company

We improve the competitiveness of our customers through the development of innovative, functional and attractive products to the market.

Enaiden carries out projects for engineering, industrial design and product innovation, by realizing the ideas of their clients to responding to their needs.

We reduce costs and development times

Thanks to our ability to integrate engineering and design, as well as our work methodology and knowledge of the production processes.

We cover the entire lifecycle of product creation

From the concept generation phase to industrialization, carrying out the development, supplier management, industrializtion and monitoring of preseries.

You choose how

We cover the needs of customers through global projects or participating in those phases in which they need support to develop their product.

We also participate when companies require it as their external R&D unit.

Guarantee of commitment

Our capabilities, knowledge and experience, as well as the success of the projects developed and the satisfaction show by our clinents, are a guarantee for the potential new clients.

Our philosophy is based on providing a truly personalized service, great flexibility and the best quiality of service with a total commitment in all projects.